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Internet marketing


2016, A year which developed new chances for your company! I have to believe that
you’ve already noticed it wherever you go: plenty of people with their phones. The
smartphone nowadays is so much more than merely a phone; it’s your own social
life, your trusty old phonebook, your encyclopedia, your photo album, your digital
camera, your postal service and so much more. Just about 40% of all web traffic in
the Netherlands comes from mobile phones and smartphones. On the contrary, 80%
of all Dutch websites are not suitable for mobile devices, let alone smartphones. It’s
a chance to find your audience where they are: on their smartphones. And that is
where mobile marketing comes in! The growing part of internet marketing.


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is an effective method to communicate with your customers via
their mobile devices. Mobile marketing is mostly personal focused and sometimes
even playful. The reach of mobile marketing is huge because people nowadays
always have their smartphones within reach.


Types of Mobile Marketing:

Text message – send your message via text
MMS – send your message (text, video or audio) via MMS
Ingame Mobile Marketing – If you play a game and advertisements pop up e.g. with
Angry Birds.
Mobile web marketing – Advertise on webpages specially designed for mobile
QR Code – Code that you scan with your mobile phone and then be directed to the
Apps – Special software for the smartphone


Why Mobile Marketing as part of an internet marketing strategie?

40% of all online traffic in the Netherlands derives from smartphones or tablets.
80% of all websites in the Netherlands are not suited to mobile devices (weakness
here, opportunity for you?)
According to Forbes, 87% of all web-connected devices are made up of
smartphones and tablets.
More than 50% of online searches are done from a smartphone (which basically
means that more than half of your website, Facebook, LinkedIn visitors are watching
you via their smartphone).
You are wasting bucks when you solely focus on online advertising without making it
mobile device friendly.


Some examples of companies already involved in mobile marketing

Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo.
Main technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple
Distinct brands such as Coca-Cola
Large news media companies such as CBS and the New York Times
Sports media companies such as ESPN

Next business in this list can be you!

Anna Matulessy
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